Weird anxiety

Since July 4th, when I quit tobacco, I have been battling some hardcore anxiety. Of course, there is plenty going on in my life. But really, there is nothing going on.

I know, sounds weird, right? Well, things are weird when you make a major life change – especially when you involve a physiological change such as quitting nicotine. Couple that with currently being between jobs and trying to purchase a local business. Yeah, times are stressful.

I had mentioned in previous posts that when you quit dipping, that there are moments when you feel like you are in a mental fog. Well, this has been really drastic. I am not only in a mental fog but I feel like I am transcending to a third person mentally while staying grounded wearing an anxiety corset that is tightening around my ribs.

That was my attempt to describe how I have felt recently.

Anyway, I just wanted to chime in really quick and try to describe my feelings at this moment. It is important that I document these feelings and hopefully once I regain some normalcy, I can look back to these feelings and have something to learn or gain from this experience.

Even though my nicotine quit is through the toughest part – I have really struggled the last few weeks with anxiety. Other life events have not exactly helped either. But hey, it is down hill from here, right? At least that is what I keep telling myself. I keep pushing forward and I tell myself that is all that matters at this time.

I am already looking ahead on the next personal major change – losing weight. That is a whole ‘nother beast of a subject that we will get to later.