Taking a step back

As evidence to how Coronavirus has effected me look no further than the number of posts I created over the weekend. I was writing one article after the next. Even though I have other life responsibilities, I found more time to tell my story.

Looking back on what I had written, you would think I had gone off the deep end. That all I did was go down conspiracy-ridden rabbit holes. I want to make it clear that this is not really the case. I had a life outside of just reading conspiracy theories.

What I have discussed thus far in the Awakening series (this being the first post of the bunch) is a condensed version of what led me to eventually find Q Anon. How my past experiences had me prepared for what was to come. It will all make sense at a later date.

I am likely leaving out a story or two. I was looking back 6-10 years ago so far. If I leave something out, I may insert a post or two in the future. When I’m done, I will organize them in a more digestible fashion.

Just to give a preview of what’s to come, and unless I think of something else to insert, the next few posts will likely be centered around:

Leading up to the 2016 Election, Election night, The Beginning of Trump’s Presidency, Las Vegas, Introduction to Q.

Stay tuned….