RIP Kenny Rogers

My mom’s favorite singer was Kenny Rogers. I am not sure I realized just how much Kenny Rogers is ingrained into my life until I started hearing more and more of his music over the last couple of days since the news came of his passing. I thought I would make a post out of it to pay my respects.

One of the songs that I most associate with my early childhood is the following. I am not sure when or where I was when I heard it, but I know I was with my family and I must have been in the range of three to six years old:

I think I have driven the point across by now that I was big into poker, at least at one time. Well what better poker song is there other than The Gambler:

The last song I will share of Kenny’s was a song played at my wedding reception. It was the song I chose for the mother-son dance. I still remember holding mom, and she was sobbing throughout. To this day and forever, I will cherish that moment:

I know that Kenny Rogers had plenty of other hits, but I just wanted to name the ones that strike closest to home. The ones that I will forever have as part of the story of my life. RIP Kenny, I hope you are sitting with a pair of Aces in heaven.