One of the reasons for this blog

I have done nothing but consume. I read the news. I read interesting articles. I watch videos on YouTube. I scroll through my social media, but rarely contribute. I browse reddit, but never post. I could go on and on.

That is starting to change. I am starting to contribute more on Twitter and Reddit. I made this blog so that I can start producing content, putting something out into this world. I probably still won’t contribute much to Facebook, but it’s a start!

Something that small, contributing instead of lurking, can make a big difference. Thanks Google for the definition of lurker: “a user of an Internet message board or chat room who does not participate.” That approach to the internet just made me lazy in the real world as well. I was sitting back and not taking part to the point that I should.

As mentioned in A letter to myself, my first post, I am in dire need for change. This time I am doing something about it. As silly as it sounds, this blog is helping push me in the right direction. The plan is to transfer some of this habit of action into the real world.

I had once heard humans are creatures of habit. At least in theory. I am putting that theory to the test.