It’s about the little things

While growing up, baseball was life. From the time I was 6 years old, I never did not make the all-star team. This would carry itself beyond little league baseball and into travel ball, high school, and college. On top of that, I was rewarded with nearly every baseball award imaginable for a pitcher culminating in being Co-State Player of the Year.

Over the years, one thing I would hear more and more coaches say: “It’s all about the little things!” At the time of hearing it, I would think to myself that yeah, it’s helpful. But is it really all about stuff that didn’t seem to matter? How is showing up 5 minutes early really going to make a difference? How is properly handling the flag and hanging it in center field before a game that I was not pitching in going to make a difference?

You would be surprised. As I have gotten old, I have come more and more to the realization that it is about the little things. They are momentum builders. Momentum to help manifest a bigger goal even if the task can be looked at as completely irrelevant.

Then just now I came across the following video and I thought it worth sharing:

As you may have gathered from the posts here thus far, this video really hits at home for me. I am looking to make a change. I am looking to take a different approach to help reach my biggest goals.

Recently, I had noticed that I was paralyzed. Not because there was no sense of urgency. Not because there wasn’t something to work on. Not because I was afraid of failure. But rather it was because I was overwhelmed.

One thing I do have is vision. I see where I want to be. That vision of a better self on so many fronts. I see the end goal, but the lack of ability to break those goals down was leaving me paralyzed to the point of counterintuitive inaction.

I am working on giving more appreciation for the little things. I am not going to reach any of my goals overnight. I realize that losing weight starts in the morning and putting on tennis shoes instead of slippers. Just having made the decision to put on tennis shoes will make it more likely that it will translate to heading outside for a brisk 15 minute walk later.

Once you realize that, you start to see other opportunities for change and how each small decision can effect the decisions later in your day. If you do it right, you will see that you are going in the right direction by time the day comes to a close. The direction and momentum needed to eventually accomplish whatever you set your mind to.