Is eating more meat where it’s at?

Over the last couple years, I have experimented with a few diets. One thing is certain for me: I can lose weight if I stay away from sugars and carbohydrates. Easier said than done, though.

This may be anecdotal, and may have no scientific study to it, as it directly relates to me. I do a pretty bad job of cataloging what I eat. Thus, I have not truly immersed myself into the subject like many others found across the internet.

Is it just that I lost weight because I was taking in less calories or was it indeed the lack of carbohydrates that made the difference? Certain questions cannot be answered by me at this point. However, part of my transformation includes better nutrition and taking on more health-conscious habits.

It is not just about getting rid of the spare tire around my waste. My daughter has food allergies and on top of it a strong case of eczema. Her eczema is a completely different, exhaustive story that I will one day dive more into. However, more signs are pointing to her diet being able to maintain that eczema. So nutrition has definitely climbed up the totem pole for attention in my book.

Last night, I took the time to watch the following 25 minute video:

First it was the Atkins diet, then Keto, now the Carnivore diet. One central theme: lowering your carbohydrate intake. Each diet has their own theory as to what energy source should replace carbohydrates.

All of the diets previously mentioned have been popular diets over the years except for the newer Carnivore diet. The Carnivore diet will take a break through in the mental conditioning we have been fed in order to become as popular as Keto. I mean, all of the mentioned diets are the complete reverse from the government-approved food pyramid we have all seen and shown below.

Growing up, I would consistently be told how eating too much meat was bad for you. Some of the examples: It can cause high blood pressure. It could cause heart disease. It will clog your arteries.

On top of that, it was common knowledge back in the day that fat was bad for you. This too has been proven false. If you eat the right fats, it can be very heart healthy.

To call the old food pyramid a lie would be a disservice. I think it is more a naive case of correlation equaling causation. The video above shows that eating only meat can be beneficial for some. It may be more anecdotal at the moment, but as more studies look into it, anecdotal evidence quite often becomes scientific evidence.