I’m Independent

I do not identify as a Republican, but I do say that I am a Trump supporter at least on this blog. For anyone that has read this far and despises Trump, I hope you will humor me and read on. It will be good for you and it will prove me wrong. See, I have a theory on that but I will get to that later.

I chose this image because many people would be turned away from an image of Trump, but since he looks sad…. some will actually read on. This is how the media operates, so I am playing their game. This is a commonly styled image used by our media – to paint Trump in a negative light. It is so obvious at this point as to their game.

It is my belief that our primitive selves all start out as Democrat. Look around at any child and they are always pushing things to the edge. Some just to see what they can get away with. Others because they are rebellious towards their naysaying parents.

I can guarantee one thing to help make the case for this point. There are many more right-leaning people out there that at one time leaned left than there are left-leaning people that at one time leaned right. This is generally why older people associate more as Republican than as Democrat and it will continue to be so. It is because of this main premise that the right understands the left much better than the left will ever understand the right.

The media, and even our school system, will tell you it is because the right is racist, misogynist, and more. But this is not true. There are certain things that humans are inherently not. This is not to say there aren’t extremes and on both sides I might add.

Old school Republicans and Democrats only differed in one major thing: the size of our government. Democrats used to believe that we need government to effect change. Where as Republicans believed that less government was the way to go. But they both wanted the same thing: what was best for the country.

Somewhere along the line, this changed. It became more about hierarchy. It became more about voting in line with party. While certain things slowly eroded our country.

The Democrat party was always on the offense where as the Republican party was always on defense. This is why the Republican party got branded as the party of ‘no’. It was a brand that few wanted to be associated with. I mean who wants to be standing in the way of ‘progress’.

With Trump in office now, this dynamic has changed. The Republican party is fighting back. They are no longer the party of ‘no’. They are the party of change. Change back to the way things used to be in many cases. But also the change of ‘progress’ on others.

The Democrat party, along with the media who parrots the Democrat party, have become the party of ‘no’. But they are still trying to implement their old ways of playing offense hence the constant attacks leading all the way to impeachment.

Trump is getting things done. You don’t have to like what he is doing to acknowledge that he has gotten a ton done.

By they way, that theory I had that I was going to mention in the first paragraph is this: Republicans will read on. Democrats will have moved on by now. Democrats don’t do research. They just take what is told to them, often by the media, and move on. Those that want to get the whole story will read on, and most of these people are Trump supporters.


Because to be a Trump supporter in this day in time means that you were either always a hard-headed Republican. Or, like me, you took in all of the information and didn’t let someone tell you how to think. You came to your own conclusion that our media, our school system, our government of yesterday is corrupt.

The good news is that Trump is fixing that. There is nothing that anyone can do about it either. When he is done, all of the information will come out. Certain people will suffer the consequences of their actions that led to this point. There are many.

I have always been an Independent, and I will remain so. I saw how one party became so corrupt that I do not want to join a team because it could be any party at any time. I am not on any team, except for Team America.

I am cutting myself short here. If I had to make my point on every little detail, I would be writing a book and I am not trying to do that. I have studied politics religiously over the last three years. I am seeing things that are completely against the media’s narrative. That which is playing out right now is the greatest story ever told. It has made watching TV boring to me. Nothing can compare.

I just hope that more wake up to what I am seeing. It really is amazing. Trump will go down as the greatest President. The only person who could have withstood the constant onslaught that he has faced and been able to make it this far. I am literally in awe of the man.

I know exactly what the detractors are saying right now….. and you are right. But you are also so wrong in so many ways. Again, I am not trying to write book. About 80 percent of the public will see it this way one day as well. I just want that day to hurry up and get here.

To those that think I am crazy, just do this one thing, do your own research! Listen to both sides. Don’t write off anything. Look at court documents, don’t take too much weight into anonymous sources or those “familiar with the thinking” of a subject. People are not mind readers. Would you take the word of a random psychic? Then why are you taking the word of mind-reading hearsay?