I think it’s time

So things are happening. Time is slowed. So is the life of social-distancing I guess. One advantage of this is the seemingly extra time we have on our hands.

In my previous post, I decided to introduce another topic yet discussed on this blog: Q Anon. Starting as early as today and through the coming weeks, maybe months, I am going to dive deeper into this subject and how it has played out from my perspective. It will be lengthy.

To keep these posts regarding the phenomenon of Q Anon titled similar, I will title them “Awakening: ….” then a subtitle specific to that post. It is a long and bumpy road and can get pretty far-fetched at times. That is why you should not take anything out of context and start from the beginning. Some will likely be proven false, but even if 5% of it plays out like I expect, it will be historical.

This won’t be all that I will talk about. Since it will provide me with motivation to update this blog more often, maybe I will be able to breach some other subjects on what is going on in my daily life and progress on some goals I had set out for myself.

Stay tuned……