Change is coming

I can’t sleep.

Yesterday, Michael Flynn’s lawyer submitted a new filing that asserts that Flynn was setup and is innocent. Before we go further, let me provide some context…..

Just reading his Wikipedia page irks me as it reads:

Technically, it is true. General Flynn did plead guilty to lying to the FBI. However, without going off onto a lengthy tangent, let’s just say his guilty plea was forced.

About 18 months ago, I had read that it was all a set up and that the alleged statement in question was altered to make it look like he did in fact lie when he didn’t. Crazy, I know.

But then I heard this theory again from a different source. It became given knowledge that would just have to sit in the back of my mind until proven true. I guess the term often thrown around is “conspiracy”.

Well, yesterday that theory became fact. Here we are with Flynn’s lawyer submitting this filing asserting exactly what I had read about a year and a half ago. This isn’t a theory anymore. If it is proven false at this point, attorneys are getting disbarred. It is now evidence.

General Flynn has been through hell over this period of time. His current lawyer was not his original lawyer and he has been through the court system for as long as I can remember. He even had a judge lash out at him claiming potential treason.

This is a war hero! Treason!

The question then became how the hell did I know this information and his counsel didn’t before yesterday. This is when it dawned on me that it was all part of the plan. What plan? I have no idea, but there is no other explanation than to say that there is a bigger purpose to all of this.

I mean, what are the odds? If I told you that someone who pled guilty will end up being exonerated and proven not guilty, you would think I was crazy. But here I was with this bit of knowledge, I could have provided better counsel to General Flynn than that provided by his first lawyer.

Then the question became why now? Why did it take so long for this information to see the light of day? I think that is tied to another, bigger purpose. Change is coming.


Reading the above after typing it quickly made me realize that my typing is nowhere near as fast as my mind is working. I am doing myself a disservice. I’m tired. Off to bed.

Maybe I will come back and fix what is missing. But since my last post was months ago, recent history points to that likely not to happen.