Bare with me as I straighten things up

The title says it all.

It fits nicely as a sequel to what I have written in the first two posts. This blog will likely take a theme centered around self improvement, at least at first. In this context, I am asking the reader to stick around as I find myself and go through a personal transformation.

However, that was not the intention behind this post’s title. In this case, it is directly related to the website.

I had actually been ‘working’ on this website for nearly a month. But really, if I were to condense the hours actually invested, it would be just a couple days worth of work. I keep finding myself in a slump where I start something and leave it just to go on unfinished. Over the last couple months I have started to write a book, started creating a business plan, started various diets, and more. All of which have nothing to show for the efforts invested.

So, the other day, I decided to just go ahead and make the site live. I can fix the issues as I move forward. I know the website, like me, is in need of improvement.

NoMeNot early days

Just looking at the front page, I have a header menu with links to nowhere as of now. I have even gotten ahead of myself by adding a donate button. I am not trying to become wealthy from the publishing of posts, but I do want to give those that would like to help an avenue to do so.

The front page shows an empty sidebar, for which I am not exactly sure what will be displayed. I see excerpts that look clunky with no periods. Categories are currently listed as ‘array’ because I haven’t fixed the code behind the scenes. Much is needed to be done.

It is currently my goal to make this website look more polished over time just as I am looking to make myself more polished. Please bare with me through this process.