Awakening: The Republican ticket

In the past, every political assessment test I have taken mostly aligned me with the Libertarian Party. Then the Democrat Party came second. Last was the Republican Party. That’s a weird combination considering there is a Libertarian subset of the Republican Party.

I have always felt that if it does not effect others, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want at least reasonably. Yet, the Republicans seemed like they wanted to come into my home and outlaw things that the government should not be entrenching upon. I was (and am still today) fiscally conservative while socially progressive.

Trump threw a wrench into this mix and the Republican Party hated him for it. He was bringing populism onto the scene. I looked at both the Democrat party and the Republican party in the same light. They were both using government overreach to make the world like they saw fit.

So when the first Republican debate came around, I tuned in. I still remember the first question:

The Libertarian in me instantly drew to Trump. I don’t think anyone should be forced to “get behind a nominee” just because of party affiliation. If Trump got knocked out early, and if he wanted to, he should be allowed to run as an Independent if he wanted.

When the night started, I was also rooting for Ron Paul’s son, Rand. His reaction to Trump’s response to this question irked me though and he didn’t perform well at all. He was basically saying Trump needed to step in line with the party. I watched how the Republican party screwed his father in 2012. It just didn’t sit well with me. Trump started off with a bang, and as we all know, it didn’t stop there.

As the field got smaller and smaller with time, I was starting to realize that this wasn’t another marketing ploy. This was for real. Trump, for me stood for these following things: Fixing illegal immigration (aka: the wall), the economy, anti-establishment, opposite of politically correct, and getting us out of wars. Everything else, it seemed to me that he was kind of skirting around (at least from what I saw at the time).

Also while the field was growing smaller, I notice more and more how the Republican party was doing everything they could to stop Trump. Especially after he went after Jeb Bush. Part of the fact that the Republican party was so anti-Trump led to the allure of Trump for those like me. People that didn’t trust the Republican party. People that didn’t trust the establishment.

I didn’t want to see an ex-President’s wife run against an ex-President’s brother. We are a nation of over 350 million people. You’re telling me the best we can do outside of Obama is two families for nearly 30 years? Seriously?

Trump was putting an end to this in real time. He was a game changer. The establishment was in uncharted waters. The Republican party had no response. They were screwed, from an old-school Republican standpoint.

I am not trying to be historically correct here. This is just how it played out for me. Mixed in with a bunch of soundbites and crazy moments, Trump actually won the Republican ticket. I was pretty surprised. I didn’t think an outsider could win a major party’s ticket for President. It was quite the accomplishment. Yet, I still thought Trump had no chance.