Awakening: Ron Paul

I voted for Barrack Obama in 2008. I liked what he was saying leading up to the election. I was not a fan of the Bush administration, especially how we went to war with Iraq even though they were not the ones behind 9/11. I saw John McCain as more of the same. It was time for Hope and Change.

I was amazed by just how much of the world seemed to get behind his movement. Look no further than how he was greeted in Germany:

Back at home, the media all seemed to fall in love with Obama. Celebrities were coming out of the woodwork in support of his campaign. Plus, he could be the first black President! This would surely help erase racism in our country, right?

But as Obama’s first term ran through, I realized that the change I had hoped would come, never came. The only thing I had to show for it was my online poker hobby was gone and the way it played out was borderline shady.

I started to question things at the top, Obama. I was not one to blame everything on him as some people liked to do, just like some like to blame everything on Trump today. Nonetheless, I started following politics slightly more and realized that we weren’t being told the complete story.

I was fed up. I was ready for a ‘real’ change. By time the 2012 primaries started to inch forward, a true candidate appeared for change: Ron Paul. I was fed up with big brother after they overreached to the point to shut down my hobby and potential future career.

I was becoming more and more libertarian. Plus, add in all of the conspiracy theories I was reading into. It seemed like government was more a problem than it was as solution.

The only problem with Ron Paul’s campaign? He couldn’t quite get the needed traction. Mostly thanks to the media. It was a conspiracy in on itself:

This is where I was first introduced to how the media can seemingly all be on the same page for a certain agenda. The agenda in this case was to limit the amount of exposure for Ron Paul, thus damaging his chances for the Presidency.

By time the election came around in 2012. I decided I was not going to get the change I wanted from Obama. I was not a fan of Mitt Romney. I ended up going with Gary Johnson from the Libertarian Party.

Some people say that is throwing away your vote because he has no chance. In that sense, maybe. I want to vote FOR someone instead of vote AGAINST someone. I went to the website, ISideWith, and I mostly aligned with Johnson at the time.

To vote for who I most align with is not a throw-away. I just wish more people would do the same. I would have voted for Ron Paul if he won the Republican ticket.

At the end of the day, this just sewed more distrust in our government for me and it started to make me question the media as well.