Awakening: It’s an experience

I believe it was sometime around 2010 that I stumbled upon The Joe Rogan Experience. Here was someone that was speaking towards many of the thoughts I had regarding the thirst for knowledge and truth. He was having long form conversations mostly just talking random things.

Often times, Rogan would dip into the world of conspiracy theories with his guests. Most subjects I was aware of to some degree, but the conversation would bring out even more information I was unaware of. Other times, it was stuff I never even explored.

There it was again, my mind was being blown. I was hooked. I have listened to or watched a number of his podcasts ever since. Over time, his show has transformed from just conversation with other comedians to a respectable list of experts in various fields.

One of Rogan’s favorite topics to discuss is marijuana. At the time, I was mostly unaware about the history of hemp and marijuana. Through his show, my attention was brought to the following documentary, which Rogan also appears in:

It was another example of how things were not always 100% what they seem. So much so that certain industries and governments would go through such great lengths to create a falsehood for an untold reason.

To a sense, keeping hemp/marijuana illegal was a conspiracy theory. To this date, that conspiracy is unraveling across the states as more than half of the states have legalized marijuana in some form. Even just recently, hemp production was legalized nationwide under the Trump administration via the 2018 Farm Bill.

The whole movement centered around this one industry was a result of the war on information. As the general public became more educated on the subject, the stigma was slowly being peeled back. It has been an amazing transformation. One that I think is for the better.

If it was not for the internet, it would likely still be illegal across all 50 states. This was just another example for me to wonder what else have we been lied to about? The list was growing.