Another reason for this blog

Over the last few months, after I unloaded my business, I have had a lot of free time. Free time to think about what is next for me. The problem was, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. With this lack in clarity, I have been just absorbing information from every angle to try to pick up on the next big thing for me.

The problem is, it became habit. All I was doing was consuming. No output. On top of that, nearly all of the information I was consuming was not staying with me over the course of maybe five days. I was paralyzed by inaction and the desire to just learn even if it meant forgetting what I just learned to move on to the next topic.

But it is a fine line between study and experience in learning, with experience being the number one classroom. Much of my study was not staying with me. I was forming a cottage cheese of knowledge with many holes in my thoughts if I tried to articulate them.

So when I decided to create this blog, one of the gains I was looking for was the ability to better articulate the knowledge I have gained in my studious ventures. I felt like by being more articulate, I can better accomplish other goals down the road.

As I opened up YouTube tonight, I came across another Joe Rogan Experience – which is a show I often watch depending on the guest. This guest I had recently discovered on twitter – Naval. From my limited experience, Naval provides a well-crafted message and perspective on life and business. So this was a must watch.

Below is the video I came across with it starting specifically where Naval starts to talk about something similar to what I was experiencing. I was happy to hear Naval expand upon the ability to articulate your knowledge and his story sounded nearly identical to mine – but better articulated.