Ah yes, welcome!

So this is my ‘new’ website, nomenot.net. I have much to say and there is a long story involved, as you might have gathered from A letter to myself. That was the first post here and I plan to tell some of that back story and more.

Not just yet. Things will come out of me as time warrants it. For now, I want to better explain where I was in my mind when I made this site live. By being as open as possible, I hope to use this as something I can look at in the future and be able to instantly connect with what I am saying now as I punch each key.

It’s as though I am looking at this site as recording a little experiment: me. If I succeed, it will be a great diary of sorts that hopefully will take the shape of a happy-ending book for those that read along. Otherwise, it will be a testament of what to do and not to do. It will be a tool to allow me to analyze where I may have gone wrong and adapt to carry on. Failure is not to be accepted yet can be anticipated. Life is not just one simple straight line, there will be hits and misses. We will pivot in our trying times and push through towards the goal.

What’s the goal? I have no idea. Probably not what you were expecting me to say. It’s completely different from what I would have said even a couple months ago. But the thing is, I had goals then and I did nothing to accomplish them. So maybe by wiping the slate clean, I can reassess the subject at hand: me.

There are these truths for which I want to accomplish:

  1. Live the lifestyle that I have always wanted and at one time, expected.

As I was writing from the heart, I noticed what originally was going to be a list of five to ten things can all be encapsulated by this one ‘truth’. I left the ‘2’ in place to tempt my future self.

Hellen Keller Vision Quote

I have always had this vision, ever since I was a little boy. I was going to be successful. I was going to have the life of no cares in the world. At the time, I thought it was so easy to make money. I did’t understand why more people did’t just do this or that. The money was just waiting to be made in so many ways. The money would come, because of my brilliance. Or so I thought.

Recently, I have held the opinion that the vision that little boy held was naive at best. That wasn’t how the world worked I was telling myself. I missed my turn. I wasn’t giving myself enough credit. As I sit here and write though, I can tell you that the tide is turning.

Do not mistake this as a lack of depth, even if it’s only one goal. I can assure you there are many pieces within this one puzzle piece. Also, do not confuse yourself in thinking that I am simply being self-centered. I am not. Part of the lifestyle I want to achieve is being able to provide the lifestyle that those around me wish for. I love my family, and that is a big influence.

It will hopefully all make sense in future posts as I further dissect what that lifestyle looks like for which I yearn. Stay along, it may be a bumpy ride as I am sure there will be many tangents. However, I plan to organize all future posts in a way to help in telling the story of me.

This post will be filed under “narrator”. I felt like that was a pretty cool theme. I am going to look at this website as a book of stories or a movie like Pulp Fiction where each chapter could be a story in on itself. Being sequenced together in no specific timeline, may seem weird at times. Yet as time goes on, each tangent will help paint a broader picture. One that is timeless and not dependent on a timeline.

When needed, I am going to take a step back and give a little context. I am essentially playing the role of the narrator, whether it be describing what I was thinking at the time or provide details into my past which have shaped the person writing these posts.

With that said, welcome. I hope you come along for this journey. Now cut scene.