A random memory

I remember throwing a bullpen in my driveway when growing up. I threw many bullpens during my youth in my training to eventually be crowned best baseball pitcher in the state. But this bullpen was especially unspecial.

Bullpens would consist of me throwing the ball to my father who was squatting while wearing full catcher’s gear. Through the years, my father would wear less gear and instead of squatting, he’d sit on a bucket. That too would be later replaced by what was in this specific memory.

There I was, in the driveway, throwing a baseball 60 feet – 6 inches to a makeshift backstop that my father had created. It was actually quite genius. The backstop consisted of metal pipes for the frame, black netting which also contained previously thrown balls, and rope to tie the netting to the frame plus to hang two catchers mitts meant to resemble the inside and outside corners of the strike zone.

It was getting late in the evening and my bullpen was coming to a close when my father says “Ok, ten more strikes and it will be time to cool down.”

I took this as a challenge. I went on to throw all pitches as strikes for 10 pitches in a row. This really wasn’t a big deal, and no commotion was made. But for whatever reason the memory popped up just now that I felt the need to write it down.

I was just that good I guess. I just made it look easy. Throwing all of my various pitches exactly where I expected was nothing out of the ordinary. The thing was it was easy for me and I probably could have thrown another 10 pitches for strikes without missing.

Today, 20 years later. I sit here and have that memory and I almost do not believe it. I am overweight. I am inactive. I can hardly bend over without feeling old. But at one time, I could do amazing things. Things I took for-granted at the time. I want to be able to do amazing things again. Is it too late? I vote ‘nay’.