A letter to myself

So, here it is. Time to make a change. I created this website for you to kick your ass into gear. It has been long overdue.

You have heard of the term YOLO – You Only Live Once. Well, over the past decade, you have not treated this life to that decree. Though there have been moments, too many times you know what to do, yet the inaction was deafening.

You will recognize the name at the top of the website, NoMeNot. Yes, it is the name you used to play online poker under. But do you recall where that name is derived from?

“No Me Not” was the term that you would say over and over again when growing up during your toddler years. When there were tacks in your father’s riding lawn mower’s tires: “No Me Not!”. When your sister’s camera was thrown from the third story balcony at the beach only to miss the pool where it shattered into pieces, instead of the alternative of receiving water damage: “No Me Not!”. When a toy snake was precisely placed to get the biggest reaction out of your mother: “No Me Not!”. You get the point, but the depth of examples is endless.

At some point in your childhood, you had a heart to heart conversation with your mother in that you drew a line in the sand. She would later tell the story that you walked up with a determined aura about you with one message: “Mom, I am going to make a change.” She thought it cute, but didn’t expect much to change. “I am going to be good from now on.”

It was that moment that your mother likes to say that you did change. You grew out of your trouble-making ways and grew into a young man. This is what I expect and compel of you today. Make that much needed change.

We have a lot of work to do. Everything from becoming the best father and husband you can be, to becoming more fit and healthy, to taking your career to the level you had always envisioned, and so much more.

NoMeNot Logo
Yes, that kid in the image is you.

This website will be your outlet to express your thoughts. There is no one central theme, but it will be your way to put thoughts to paper. In some cases, you will share the knowledge you have gained over the years through your successes and failures. Other cases, you will just chronicle a crazy thought you have that day. But most of all, on certain topics, it will be your way to put your thoughts to action. This will become your source for accountability.

So when you look at that logo at the top of your new website, remember your history and ask yourself: do you want to let that young man down? Strive for greatness and accept nothing less. There may not be “one more!” It’s time to play ball, young man!